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Re-Elect Ed to City Council in 2020!

Councilmember Ed Hernandez’s core vision for San Leandro is a safe, healthy, and thriving city.
In these challenging times, Ed will continue his leadership to maintain our San Leandro quality of life.


Local Recovery

911 Emergency Response

Street and Road Repair


Endorse Ed!

Ed has worked feverishly to improve our roads, fix potholes, maintain services and ensure financial stability since elected in 2016.

Overall, as we work through this crisis to ensure our residents are able to have the necessary resources to survive it, Ed has worked to help provide over $1 million dollars to the community for food, housing and crisis support in San Leandro. Some of his accomplishments include supporting a Sanctuary City, ensuring the City's long-term financial stability, bringing affordable housing, and high paying jobs to San Leandro.

There is a lot to do, and we all agree, Ed is still the right choice for San Leandro!

Please endorse Ed in 2020!

Will you sign?