Ed Hernandez: Shaping San Leandro’s Future

Ed hernandez and familyA multi-faceted leader and consensus builder, Ed Hernandez has been an instrumental part of the remarkable progress San Leandro has made in recent years. As the Chair of San Leandro’s Planning Commission Ed has worked hard to balance the needs of the community to maintain the sense of character in our neighborhoods that makes San Leandro unique.

In his five years on the commission he collaborated with staff, the community and business leaders to attract technology and advanced-manufacturing companies to San Leandro, bringing well-paying jobs on projects such as the San Leandro Tech Campus, The Village Marketplace, the Bayfair Specific Plan.

A member of the Urban Land Institute Ed was vocal participant in the General Plan Update he was a strong advocate for the inclusion of sustainability elements—making our neighborhoods more walkable, focusing future development in public transportation corridors and street diets to relieve the traffic congestion on our streets.

A business and finance professional he's a member, formerly on the Board of Directors, of the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. Ed Hernandez earned an MBA, Strategic Management from Cal State East Bay, a Masters in Organizational Development at University of San Francisco, and a Bachelors in Financial Management from Cal State Long Beach. 

Ed is the President Emeritus of the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s (now Prospanica), Dad’s Club Treasurer at his daughters’ school, previous Pastorial Council Secretary at Assumption Catholic Church, and a member of the San Leandro Democratic Club.

Ed and his wife Katherine live in the Assumption neighborhood with their two young daughters.


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