Endorsements for San Leandro City Council in 2020, partial list:


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Elected Officials (for identification purposes only):

State of California:

  • Rob Bonta, Assembly Democratic Member

City of San Leandro, City Council:

  • Pauline Cutter, Mayor
  • Pete Ballew, Vice Mayor
  • Deborah Cox, Councilmember
  • Corina Lopez, Councilmember

Alameda County:

  • Wilma Chan, Board of Supervisors, District 3
  • Scott Hagerty, Board of Supervisors, District 1
  • Aisha Knowles, Board of Education, President
  • Phong La, Assessor
  • Henry C. Levy, Treasurer-Tax Collector
  • Steven Manning, Auditor-Controller (Ret.)
  • Nate Miley, Board of Supervisors, District 4
  • Dave Rocha, Fire Chief (Ret.)
  • Melissa Wilk, Auditor-Controller

San Leandro USD, Board of Education:

  • Peter Oshinski, President
  • James Aguilar, Trustee
  • Diana Prola, Trustee
  • Christian Rodriguez, Trustee
  • Leo Sheridan, Trustee

San Lorenzo USD, Board of Education:

  • Juan Campos, Trustee

AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit):

  • Elsa Ortiz, Board Vice President

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit):

  • Rebecca Saltzman, Director

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District:

  •  Linda Granger, Board Trustee

East Bay Municipal Utilities District:

  • Frank Mellon, Board Member

Eden Health District:

  • Gordon Galvan, Board Chair

City of Berkeley

  • Ben Bartlett, Councilmember

City of Dublin

  • Melissa Hernandez, Councilmember

City of Hayward

  • Sara Lamnin, Councilmember
  • Al Mendall, Councilmember
  • Mark Salinas, Councilmember

City of El Cerrito

  • Gabriel Quinto, Councilmember

Appointed Officials (for identification purposes only):

City of San Leandro:

  • Cindy Barreto, Parks and Recreation Commission, Chair
  • Jeff Falero, Planning/BZA Commission, Chair
  • Pedro Naranjo, Human Services Commission, Chair
  • Peggy Combs, Human Services Commission, Vice-Chair
  • Bella Comelo, Senior Commission, Vice-Chair
  • Tony Breslin, Planning/BZA Commissioner
  • Zachary Borja, Human Services Commissioner
  • Brian Copeland, Arts Commissioner
  • Terry Guillory, Arts Commissioner
  • Mary Jo Knueven, Senior Commissioner
  • Donald Lancaster, Human Services Commissioner
  • Bose Onyemem, Human Services Commissioner
  • Claudia McHenry, Senior Commissioner
  • Jennifer Neira Heystek, Library/Historical Commissioner
  • Louis Neira Heystek, Personnel Relations Board Member
  • Suzanne Pershing, Arts Commissioner
  • Kenneth Pon, Planning/BZA Commissioner
  • Michael Santos, Planning/BZA Commissioner
  • Alice Sarafian, Human Services Commissioner
  • Thomas Silva, Rent Review Board Member
  • Helena Straughter, Library/Historical Commissioner

Community Leaders, San Leandro:

  • Orval 'OB' Badger, Dolores Avenue
  • Xouhoa Bowen, Durant Avenue
  • Dr. Earl N. Crawford, Darius Way
  • Mary Corbett, Scenicview Drive
  • Michael Gregory, Daniels Drive
  • Miriam Lara, Clark Street
  • Amy Neuman, 136th Avenue
  • Mike Pretto, Bridge Road
  • Nancy Pretto, Bridge Road
  • Lee Thomas, Carmel Way
  • Jean Marjorie Troconis, Thornally Drive

Ed has worked feverishly to improve our roads, fix potholes, maintain services and ensure financial stability since elected in 2016.

Overall, as we work through this crisis to ensure our residents are able to have the necessary resources to survive it, Ed has worked to help provide over $1 million dollars to the community for food, housing and crisis support in San Leandro. Some of his accomplishments include supporting a Sanctuary City, ensuring the City's long-term financial stability, bringing affordable housing, and high paying jobs to San Leandro.

There is a lot to do, and we all agree, Ed is still the right choice for San Leandro!

Please endorse Ed in 2020!

Will you sign?