When Today May 28, 2020 at 04:00pm 2 hrs
Contact Ed Hernandez [email protected] 510-842-6175

Hello friends.

We have sold out of the individual specials and family feasts, thank you for your support!


Please join us on May 28th between 4-6pm, as we kick off the spring with a 'grab-n-go' fundraiser to re-elect Ed to San Leandro City Council!

GrilleeQ master griller, Lee Thomas, will be cooking up a Campaign Special with Tri-Tip, Hot Links and Potato salad with a beverage of your choice with your support of this campaign event. 

In past years, we have been able to socialize and eat some good food, well, now you can still eat some good food and we will once again socialize in the future!  However, Ed's campaign still needs to fundraise and get re-elected to City Council to continue the good work of fixing roads, filling potholes, maintaining city services and ensuring public safety for all!

Once you confirm your support by purchasing a ticket option, you will be prompted to select your 'shift' option to pick up your GrilleeQ dinner this evening (or receive an invite to confirm your pick-up time).  Ed will be there as Lee's sous chef, or just saying a quick hello, to thank you for your support!

We all agree, we like GrilleeQ and would love to see Ed re-elected to San Leandro City Council in 2020!

Learn more a/b GrilleeQ, so they can grill, while you chill @ www.grilleeq.com.


Select your tickets
GrilleeQ Feast, Shout-out, Swag & Grill lesson for four!
GrilleeQ Feast, Shout-out, Swag & Grill lesson for two!
GrilleeQ Feast with Shout-out, Swag & Grill lesson for you!
Campaign Specials (2) with Shout-out & GrilleeQ Swag!
Campaign Special w/Shout-out!
Four Campaign Specials: Tri Tip with Hot Links and Potato Salad w/Beverage
Campaign Special: Tri-Tip with Hot Links and Potato Salad with Beverage