Ed Hernandez’s core vision for San Leandro is a thriving city full of opportunity. He will use his experience and education to improve and enhance San Leandro for all of us.


Economic Development

San Leandro is a thriving city full of opportunity. Through collaborative efforts with staff, elected officials, and the business community; we can enhance our ecosystem to attract high- paying jobs in advanced manufacturing and technology-oriented businesses to ensure our long-term fiscal stability. We must make sure we focus on areas that are prime for redevelopment; and encourage/attract developers who offer incentives that directly benefit the community and provide jobs for local residents while focusing on increasing the availability and affordability of housing; particularly near mass transit.


Public Safety

Ed believes we must fully fund public safety in order to give our first responders the training and tools they need. He will work with police and fire to reduce emergency response times.  He will work towards expanding community policing and the neighborhood watch program, as well as reaching out to enhance safety-net programs that engage our youth with appealing programs in their neighborhoods.

He believes we must find a way to balance civil liberties and our citizen's right to privacy while taking advantage of rapidly changing technology to keep our neighborhoods safe.  Ed wants to see our police force out of their cars and engaged in the community, getting to know people in our neighborhoods and becoming familiar with the different cultures of our diverse city.



The recent efforts to mitigate the exorbitant increases in rent is a good first step, however, the need (and focus) to provide additional housing for the current and future population of San Leandro is vital to providing the necessary shelter for those most likely to be impacted by changes to their living standards.

The housing crisis has impacted the entire Bay Area not only with sky-rocketing rents but with increased traffic as people move further away yet continue to drive long distances to work. We must ensure that any development at BART, in our Downtown, or along our transit corridors are mixed-use developments with an affordable housing set-aside.  Ed would like to create a first-time homebuyers program and a down payment assistance program in San Leandro. In addition to working with developers to create for-sale housing that is in reach for first-time homebuyers. it is important to balance the needs of the community and those of the residents, owners, and renters, to maintain the sense of character in our community. 



Through public input, investments in sustainability from government, local businesses and our community, we must work together to ensure we leave San Leandro a better place than we found it. We must make it easy for people to get out of their cars and on mass transit while creating vibrant areas that encourage people to walk and enjoy amenities. We can identify the current needs and uses of the community to ensure balance within the environment and provide open space for the community to enjoy nature while protecting our vital natural resources.



The key to decreasing auto traffic and enhancing public transit ridership is to make it easier, safer and more convenient to use. This includes transit-oriented development, more frequent pick-ups and safer routes with better lighting. With ridiculous traffic throughout the Bay Area, and beyond we must do a better job of planning for tomorrow’s transportation problems while solving today’s.


Street and Road Repair

Ed has been an active participant in the General Plan Update advocating that it includes sustainability elements such as ‘street diets,’ increasing modes of transportation while improving walkability, safety and access for non- motorized vehicles. Many streets are in need of asphalt, road and pothole repair Ed will prioritize fixing our streets throughout the city. 



Ed supports forming a Diversity and Inclusion Commission that could sustain efforts supported by the city to erase racism in San Leandro. Through this and possibly a Chief Diversity Officer, we could attract a more diverse workforce at City Hall that in turn could reach out to all community members to help build a trusting rapport between our communities and local leaders.



Ed will strengthen San Leandro’s partnership with our school district to support students, keep them focused, on track and out of trouble through easily accessible youth centers and activities such as the Pop-up Teen Takeovers that give our teens a place to go with fun activities that can be expanded to include educational programs and resources. Ed supports Measure J1, the San Leandro School Board Bond, to invest in the school’s facility improvements and infrastructure. to ensure the environment where our students learn is safe and productive. He also supports local youth programs, mentorships, internships and job training programs that prepare today's students for tomorrow’s jobs.



San Leandro’s climate action plan is a good start, but with the rapid changes in technology surrounding clean energy, we should easily exceed this minimum of a 25% reduction by 2020. Ed would support subsidies and programs to end our reliance on fossil fuels. This is especially needed for low to moderate-income residents. Ed supports Expanding Chabot Park to include adjacent open space would preserve open space, and protect that area from development.


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