Councilmember Ed Hernandez’s core vision for San Leandro is a safe, healthy, and thriving city.  In these challenging times, Ed will continue his leadership to maintain our San Leandro quality of life.

Councilmember Ed Hernandez Priorities

Local Recovery

Working together, San Leandro can continue to be a thriving, vibrant city.

I will work closely with:

  • Our locally owned shops and stores,
  • The Chamber of Commerce, and
  • City staff to support our local and small businesses through this transition. 

I will continue efforts to

  • Attract high- paying jobs for residents,
  • Address homeless and housing insecurity, and
  • expand housing for all, particularly near mass transit.

Focusing on local recovery, will keep the community we all love diverse and allow future generations and our local workforce to live here.

911 Emergency Response

San Leandro must maintain adequate 911 emergency and medical response capacity in the event of any future health or natural catastrophe. 

We must:

  • Enhance emergency and disaster preparedness,
  • Use new technology to assist first responders in rendering aid to those who need it,
  • Maintain youth violence prevention, gang intervention, and neighborhood police patrols, and neighborhood watch programs.

These are my top priorities for keeping San Leandro's young people and families safe.

Street and Road Repair

I am as tired as many of you of driving over our potholes and buckled streets!  As we have poured tons of asphalt onto our roads, there is more to do.  Addressing these infrastructure needs not only keeps pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and first responders safe, but helps put people back to work during these tough times.  I have been a vocal advocate for improving walkability, safety, and access for non-motorized vehicles. 


As the father of two young daughters, nothing is more important to me than their education.  I will strengthen City-School partnerships to help bridge the “Digital Divide” for families with difficult access to computers or Wi-Fi.  Maintaining City after-school programs for children and teams at our City parks, paths and playfields will help keep our kids motivated, off the street, and out of trouble.